Just as a Kroger store is incredibly protective of floor space, understanding that every inch possible must be used to increase sales, so too do I believe that every ounce of energy, second of airtime, or pixel onscreen are extremely valuable and must be maximized to generate results.

It is that ideal of which I am not only firmly committed, but it is a business lifestyle that I have been putting into action every day for the last thirteen years working in the Cincinnati digital space.

A firm believer that passion, energy and enthusiasm breed success, my career track record of achievement also stems in large part from the belief that before selling anything to anyone, the salesperson must first be sold himself.

That theory is echoed by noted author Tom Hopkins, who often stresses the importance of enthusiasm and conviction, pointing out how difficult it is to sell people on a product or idea if you are not sold on it yourself.

You must believe that what you are doing is right. Believe in yourself and your product or service. Believe in the changes you can make in other people’s lives — for the better.
— Tom Hopkins

My personal, unique selling proposition is simple: I believe in abundant enthusiasm, delivered with energy and passion, but first and foremost, I am sold on myself.

And on what I will deliver to a like-minded forward-thinking organization, I am absolutely sold on my ability to succeed and move your bottom line.

Please allow me to illustrate why you, too, should be sold on Wayne Jung...



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